9 to 5 Poetry Project, Poem 26: The Beginning of Goodbye

I’m lagging behind a bit in posting this week’s poems, but I’ve got a Wednesday and a Thursday poem on its way to you! Today, I had the day off and had a little adventure (more on that later). But for now, here’s some more poetry.

The Beginning of Goodbye

Every shirt I hang could be the last,
Not really, of course, but an end
Is finally in sight for this career.
What started as temporary turned
Indelible as the years sped by.
The store’s logo practically tattooed
Across my torso in florescent red,
The emblazoned letters under which
I dragged myself too many times
To number.

The job saw me through breakups,
Witnessed beginnings and ends
Of three disparate relationships.
Tears have seeped into off-grey tile,
Staining the store with my memories.
High school graduation, four years of college,
The second parade in cap and gown.
And now, we stand at the beginning
Of goodbye.

Note: This poem is about this feeling I’m starting to get, with less than a week left. It’s a blend of nostalgia and impatience, readiness to close the chapter and awareness that I am leaving behind something that took up a great deal of my time, and where I have so many memories, good and bad. I’m ready to leave, but it’s a strange feeling knowing that the company and I are parting ways after four and a half years together.


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