9 to 5 Poetry Project, Poem 20: Would you–

Happy Monday, internet people! I supplemented mine with jimmy John’s and a cupcake, so it was almost tolerable. However, it was still Monday, so, you know. Anyway, here’s your poem.

Would You–

It’s part of my job to ask a few questions.
I don’t enjoy it either, don’t really care.
But in spite of the lanyard on my neck,
I was a human being last I checked.
So the least you could do when I speak,
Is not interrupt with a snippy “no.”
Some day, when the fuse of patience runs short,
It’ll go a little something like this:
“Would you be interested in–”
“Letting me finish this sentence?”

Note: this one is short and a rant, but I just get so sick of people cutting me off mid sentence that it seemed necessary. Also, it’s Monday and I’m tired.


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