9 to 5 Poetry Project, poem 15

Hey internet people, It’s Friday night! Which I think means something to people who don’t work retail, but I can no longer recall.

Anyway, here’s poem 15!


I must have “hired yesterday” stamped
Across my forehead, since that shirt
You’re trying to pass off as 12.99
Clearly has a security tag on it.
You might want to do your research,
Since we only tag the pricey stuff.
Even here, Lucky Brand ain’t
Never gonna be that cheap.
Does it make sense when I put it like that?
Or do I need to speak even slower?
Maybe wear my 3 year service badge?

Sure, the customer’s always right,
Except when she’s trying to pass
Merchandise off as half its price
And has the nerve to act like I’m
The one whose being ridiculous.

Note: this one is more of a rant than a poem. But I seriously can’t stand ticket switchers who get nasty with me because I caught them. Especially when their efforts are, frankly, just sad.


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