9 To 5 Poetry Project, Poem 12: Soundtrack

Hello, internet people! Today I’m experimenting with using the WordPress app because I am lazy and in bed and my laptop is ALL THE WAY downstairs. I am abundantly aware that this is a first world problem, but regardless, apologies in advance for any autocorrect weirdness my tired brain doesn’t catch.

Let’s to the poetry, shall we?


In movies, the music pairs perfectly with situation,
A marriage of careful consideration and forethought.
But the speakers here tell an eclectic tale,
Mix country with pop, rock, the oldies,
Even, on occasion, the Golden Girls theme,
For reasons that defy explanation.
My soul’s strings are fine tuned to their words,
Their rhythms. I walk in step to the beat of
Brittany Spears, followed by Rosemary’s Granddaughter.
I fear the film that tells my days in a mix of music meant
To please everyone, but in so doing, fails to please at all.

Note: I noticed that, even on my day off, I was singing the random mix of songs that comprise our soundtrack at work. This got me thinking about how music affects us and stays with us.


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