9 to 5 Poetry Project, Poem 10: Just Got Paid?

Hello, internet people! It’s halfway through the week, and it’s also my day off. What am I doing here if it’s my day off, you ask? Well, on the way to work the other day, I was listening to Nsync because I am unendingly cool and relevant, and I realized something about the song “Just Got Paid” that I’d never noticed before.

Frankly, it gave me some very unrealistic expectations about how awesome I was going to feel when I finally got a job and a paycheck and all the things that come along with it (not to mention my social life, but let’s stick to the 9 to 5 for now). While the song does end with Justin (ironically, as it turns out) whispering about being broke after the escapades the song depicts, the rest of the lyrics paint a picture of pay day as a fantastic party romp involving clubs and dancing and falling in love.

With that in mind, I thought I would write my own parody poem to more accurately depict my feelings on payday. I tried to stick close to the overall rhythm and pattern of the song, but I cut mine significantly shorter because like 80% of the lyrics are repetitions of earlier stuff and that just doesn’t translate well to a written version. I’d sing it for you, but I’m no Justin Timberlake, and even the internet is not ready for my singing.

So even though it’s my day off and not at all payday, I give you a poem about getting paid. (I sincerely recommend you check out the song Just Got Paid if you haven’t heard it in a while or, heaven forbid, not at all–it’ll lend this whole thing more entertainment value, I promise).

Just Got Paid?

Thank God it’s Thursday at midnight and
My paycheck just… got cleared!

Check it on my laptop
It’s lookin’ right. Pay off them credit
Card accounts. Put a little in savings—
For my college loans. Keep some in checking,
Just for gas. Don’t you know I’m just being
Responsible. Oh yeah. No fun with this cash.

Just got paid, Friday morning.
Having coffee. Feeling like an adult.
My foot is shaking, from caffeine.
Got one more shift ‘til I’m getting’ down.

[just reminding you the following stanza is a rap in the original song, so picture that, ladies and gentleman]

Some people say it’s lame to be responsible,
But when I get that check, I’m just unstoppable,
And it’s possible, that I’ll spend a little bit,
But mostly I use it to avoid further debt.

Now I know you think that I’m in college debt,
Bill is the mail, they’ve got me buried (deep)
But if you notice I’m still smiling it’s cause
It’s Friday and I just got… paid?

On the floor, sobbing at the screen.
Already, my money’s spent.
Weekly gas money, standing by.
But not enough cash left
For a shopping spree.
I’m tired of all these payments baby.
Where did my money go? Oh…

Just got paid, Friday morning.
None left over, not to spend.
At least it’s Friday, that’s a plus.
But I work retail,
Saturdays a must.
Maybe I’ll see a movie—matinee,
Pack my own popcorn,
Cause I gotta ‘save.

Balance going down, down…
It’s going down… yeah.

[spoken] Oh, great. Still broke.



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