Maybe We Should All Calm Down: It IS Just A Commerical

Hey, internet people. Now, it may be just the bias that is my Facebook feed, but it seems for some reason like a lot of people are offended about a certain Coke advertisement that aired during the superbowl. Which was two days ago, so I’m not sure why we aren’t over it. But apparently we’re not, so I may as well have some words about it.

The ad features the song “America The Beautiful” being sung in multiple languages by people of multiple ethnicities. And this, apparently, is offensive to some people. After watching the ad myself, I’m a little confused about why I’m supposed to be mad about this.

The complaint? These people are speaking languages that aren’t English! That’s not what America is about! Umm… what?

First things first, why are we all wasting the energy to be mad about this particular advertisement? Have you SEEN the way ads portray women? Perpetually holding a swiffer. Or a sponge. Their lives made so much better by a new cleaning product. Or some makeup that covers their faces? Or the fact that we apparently beat the crap out of each other for new shoes? I have literally never done that. Or how about the fact that perfume commercials make NO SENSE and are just really weird an sexual? Why, just because it features people who aren’t white and aren’t speaking English, does this ad incur all the rage? It’s a short snippet of video and sound intended to make you want to buy some pop for heaven’s sake, not a political statement.

And then, so what if it is? Are we all forgetting what it says on our Statue of Liberty, here? Or that most of us didn’t come from here originally? I mean, I’ve got a little tiny bit of Native American in me, but I’m also Irish, which means at one point some of my family was part of the huddled masses our nation is supposed to be taking in. And has anyone, like, been outside in the past, I don’t know, 50 years? Look around for a minute here. America is comprised of people from all sorts of backgrounds. That’s kind of how the melting pot/salad bowl/AMERICA works. So maybe instead of saying “speak English or get out” we should be saying… accept the fact that America is comprised of many different types of people, or get out.

Except not really. Because that would be intolerant. And that’s not what this country is supposed to be about. Frankly, it makes me a little sad. The commercial says to me “look how much everyone from around the world loves and respects America. They’re singing a song about how great it is.” And you know how America responds? With horrible, racists tweets about “terrorists” singing in another language about how great our country is.  Can I get a slow clap for America? Way to be, people. Way. To. Be.

I don’t mean any offense, of course. We’re all entitled to our opinions. I just really, really can’t understand that level of intolerance or outrage at a one minute clip about SODA. Maybe we should all be spending our time trying to fix real problems. Like world hunger. Or even just unemployment and joblessness in America. Putting your own country first and having national pride is, after all, fine and well. But let’s not forget that it’s a big world out there and we aren’t the only people in it. Okay? Okay.


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