Hey Internet People, I’ve Moved!

If you’re one of my loyal and longtime readers, you may notice that when you clicked whatever it is you click to get here, it took you someplace different. I know it might be a bit of an adjustment, but I’ve decided to give Will Blog for Food a little facelift.

My reasons for doing this are numerous, but first and foremost I wanted an opportunity to rearrange things and make this a better blog. I felt that trying out a new platform would be a good place to start that process.

Part of this means I’ve shortened the name. Pending my upcoming graduation (yikes!!!) from undergraduate college, I’ve taken out the “college girl” aspects and just left is as “Will Blog for Food.” Because, let’s be honest–I’m a writer, so I’m always going to be making a pittance in the cash department, and I’m always going to want you to feed me.

I’m hoping to bring you more exciting content soon. Consider this the official announcement that ends the unofficial hiatus of Will Blog for Food!

Stay tuned, internet people! And thank you, few and proud, for continuing to support my ramblings by looking at them.


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