Moving Out, Moving In Again

It’s been a while, internet people, but I’m here again to tell you the exciting tales of college life. It’s my first week of the summer, of time without classes, scrounging together enough money to pay for textbooks again in the fall, and I’m learning something new this time around.

As you well know, my lovely friends and I had an on campus apartment this past year. The good part of that was finally having a real place to live, however broken, and having a kitchen again. The downside of that, I’m learning, is that I’ve somehow become even MORE independent than I was when I got back from Europe.

It’s funny how quickly we get set in our ways. Little things like where we keep the measuring cups, or how to turn on the stove, or getting used to my food sitting wherever I left it and staying perfectly in tact until I return to it, become so commonplace. And then, suddenly, I had to pack up my life and drive the four hours back home–again.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore Ohio. It will always be my first home. But Evansville and Beezus got to be home, too, much more so than when I was living in a dorm room. I had my own kitchen, own bathroom, own bedroom–it didn’t feel impermanent anymore, but of course like everything, it was.

Being home again is weirder this year than ever. It’s weirder still to remember that, while they say that home is where the heart is, I’ve little idea where my home is going to be after next year.


2 thoughts on “Moving Out, Moving In Again

  1. I agree; there are definitely pros and cons to living at home and moving out. For instance, I miss being able to afford certain foods while I'm at school–especially salmon. But mostly I'm just ready to settle in one place ha ha.

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