The Man Came And He Took Them Away (An Update On Things In Beezus)

A quick update on things in Beezus. The process of getting the screens fixed is under way. But so far all it has consisted of is strange encounters with men on our porch.

First a man came. He came, did a bit of hammering, and left. The man came back. He took the screens away. The screens were gone. The man did not come back.

For a few days nothing happened. Then another man came. He came and he did something that resulted in a lot of paint chipping off our porch and landing on the floor. Then he went away.

He came back. He swept up the paint. Then he went away.

So there you have it. The strange, multi step process of potentially eventually replacing our broken screens has begun. I dream of a day in which we have screens again. Will the day come? Who knows.


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