Stuff to Obsess About, Volume 3: "Lego House"

Okay. Because I know that those of you who know me well are going to be suspicious, I’d like to begin with a disclaimer. Although I DID hear about this song/video due to the fact that I belong to about 5,000 Rupert Grint fansites (actually, just one and a Facebook page) that isn’t why I’m writing this post.

I think this song is beautiful. Seriously. I listen to it all the time. It gets stuck in my head. I hum it on the way to and from class. I just listened to it four times while writing this post. As we all know, I’m less than a musical expert, but I think the song is just gorgeous. It has a sweet sound, but is also a bit more upbeat than many ballads–which is probably part of why I love it so much. But it’s not just the song–I love this music video, too. A lot. Now, before I go on, you need to click the thing and listen/watch. Do it before you read on. There are spoilers. They matter.

Did you watch it? Good. I’m going to go on.

 I think that the music video itself is actually kind of brilliant. I mean, yes, I adore Rupert Grint. But more than that, I love the twist–it totally took me by surprise the first time. And then, to be sure I understood, I went back and watched it through. A lot of user comments (aside from the Ron Weasley jokes of course) talk about how the music video is “irrelevant” to the meaning of the song. Maybe it’s the writer/lit major in me, but I can totally analyze this to a point where it makes sense.

Yes, the song is at its base probably a love song (first rule of being a writer/literature major–never pretend to know what a writer means). But it can TOTALLY apply to a crazy stalker. I mean. Think about it. What is stalking but a very confused, sick sort of love? I don’t pretend to be an expert in psychology, either, but I’ve taken my fair share of courses and can reasonably surmise that Rupert’s character feels a genuine connection to Ed Sheeran in the video–he’s his (imaginary) best friend, for heaven’s sake! He’s his idol! He even seems to be slightly confused as to who has which identity here–is he merely obsessed or does he think he IS Ed? It’s fascinating to me, really, looking at this short little video and thinking about it. Unlike most music videos, I don’t just keep playing it because I’m too cheap to buy the song but want to listen. I’ve watched it all the way through at least four times (and that’s a LOT for me).

Clearly, I love this song/video because it is both pleasant to listen to and intriguing, which I why I definitely recommend you spend a little bit if your time obsessing about this video, too. (But not Rupert. He’s mine. Ha ha… I’m only joking. Or am I?)


2 thoughts on “Stuff to Obsess About, Volume 3: "Lego House"

  1. I guess I should comment so you know I have read it. Good as usual. As for the song sung by the Ron Weasley looking dude. I am quite happy it chose your head to get stuck in rather than mine. Uncle Eddie

  2. I've been told many times I have terrible taste in music. And men, incidentally. But for clarification sake, the prominent figure featured in this video doesn't just look like Ron Weasley–he is, in fact, the guy who played Ron Weasley. The song is actually sung by Ed Sheeran. It's all terribly confusing. Ha ha. Anyway, thanks for reading! 🙂

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