IT LIVES! (The Resolution of the No-Cable Crisis)

Remember how when we first moved in to Beezus I mentioned our lack of cable? The cable that is included in the (not so cheap) fees I pay for school? Well today, after three phone calls to the company (made by the gorgeous, patient Lesley) we finally GOT CABLE.

A magical man in a blue t-shirt (who witnessed the Catastrophic Trying-To-Call-In-Sick-To-Work-And-Getting-Scolded-By-Stressed-Out-Boss Meltdown of 2012) showed up and, after some configuring and going in and out, the heavens sang out and cable happened.

I wasn’t actually here for most of this due to the previously mentioned crisis. I was driving to the store to get medicine for the second time in four days, but we all know about my fun health issues and have gotten bored of them (I assume). But now we have a TV that is hooked up to cable and a conspicuous super long cable hookup that runs across our entry way and which is presently covered up with a lovely green towel. We intend upon a rug. Eventually.

Apparently the REASON our cable wasn’t working is that, for reasons I do not understand, we are only “allowed” to have one working cable hookup per room. The one we were trying to use? Yeah, it was the one that didn’t actually do anything. It might be nice if they had indicated this in some way, so we knew there was a mysterious hidden cable hookup behind Lesley’s desk. 

Regardless, I can now resume watching Food Network in the background of ALL my activities like I used to do in the long ago when we had cable at home. Even more exciting, when Demetri Martin’s comedy special airs, I CAN WATCH IT! Life. It’s about simple pleasures. And cable is one of them.


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