College Girl Tests Stuff, Volume 2: Biotrue Challenge

Contacts wearers of the world, this one’s for you.

Recently (in conjunction with my budding free sample obsession) I started following a lovely coupon blog that keeps me in the loop with all the exciting deals going on out there. One of the most exciting free samples I’ve managed to get was a free sample of BioTrue contact solution. Those of you who know how expensive contact solution is will understand how incredibly exciting this was.

I’m not a coupon pro by any means, but I will happily give you the link to the BioTrue challenge (which is, to my knowledge still going on) before I  go on with this review: BioTrue Challenge.

Okay, now to the good stuff. Where I tell you my experiences with the product and what not.

The Promise

The Bio True promise is pretty much that Bio True is a natural contact solution that “matches the pH of your tears” and is supposed to create enhanced comfort and disinfection.

Does It Work?

The short answer, basically. It’s definitely a good contact solution and I did notice I could make it a little longer with my contacts in my eyes before they felt all dried out and weird. It isn’t exactly magic juice that makes wearing contacts less of a pain but it’s definitely pretty good stuff.


  • Keeps your contacts clean and less dried out.
  • Comparable price to other brand name contact solutions.


  • Not as cheap as the off brands I tend to use and the quality difference (at least for me) isn’t THAT extreme. 


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