Profane Techno Death Party (An Update on Things In Beezus)

Maybe you thought you’d heard the last of the tales of woe that accompany our ailing apartment. But you thought wrong!

One day, out of nowhere, Lesley and I’s air conditioner starting shaking wildly and making some alarming noises (moreso than usual). We went over to investigate and, lo and behold the thing was no longer pushing out any air. It was just… shaking. Thus we put in our fifth work order and prayed that we would not have to sleep on the couches to avoid the heat in our room.

Happily, a nice man showed up very promptly and installed a very new, very functional air conditioner. Now our room is nice and cold and I like to imagine that penguins and polar bears would be quite comfortable there.

In other news, the techno rave above saw a brief spike in activity in which I have concluded the tenants must have been involved in a  sort of “profane techno death party” because there were frequent loud slams followed by cursing, so that it seemed as if occasional accidental murders of some kind were taking place. This lasted well into the night on a Thursday. They also appeared to keep deciding the furniture was in the way or something, as loud scrapings would ensue on a regular basis. Usually accompanied with further cursing. Gina suggested perhaps they’ve taken up Feng Shui (weirdest thing to spell, ever).

 I would really prefer the techno raves occur exclusively on the weekends, but what can you do? Maybe I just have no thirst for excitement, since my idea of a good Saturday night is several hours of Big Bang Theory on the couch with my roommates.

This post may win the “shortest post ever” award for how little I actually had to say, but hey, I like to keep you updated on the exciting techno-related adventures of Hulk and the Bear (as we have affectionately named them).


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