The Perpetual Techno Rave

Is the term “techno rave” redundant? I’m not sure, I’ve never been. Although it certainly FEELS like I’m there pretty much 24/7.

Let me back up. It’s the end of the first full week of classes and Sunday marks TWO WEEKS of living in the apartment. I figure this means it’s high time I caught you all up on what it’s like living in glorious apartmental bliss.

You know how they always make that joke where the downstairs neighbor starts smacking the ceiling with a broom to try and get the upstairs neighbor to quiet down? If you’re like me, you always assumed this was a rare occurance and that it was done for laughs. Except pretty much since day 3 of my apartment experience I have pretty much wanted to do this.

Our upstairs neighbor loves techno. Or maybe it’s dubstep. I’m not good with genres. Regardless, we will get a few loud bars of music every so often that just play on loop endlessly. It’s to the point where, the other day, we said “Oh hey, they got new music.” Because yes. We could tell. I gotta say, it’s like there’s a perpetual rave going on up there.

They also sound like the Hulk when they walk. But I’m not sure if that’s just what we all sound like to our downstairs neighbors, because I’ve never seen these people. They could be dainy fairies for all I know, but I suspect it’s the Hulk and his roommate, a giant Bear. Who, incidentally, were the previous tenants of our apartment.

The question becomes, should I be the one to start this war? Should I get out my metaphorical broom and go tell these people to cut back on their raving activities? Or will that only result in an even LOUDER perpetual rave? Possibly with extra screaming and pounding (yes, those happen too). I have considered a lot of options. I’ve considered banging on the ceiling with our Swiffer. I’ve considered leaving a passive aggressive note. I’ve considered baking them cookies and, in delivering them, mentioning the noise. I’ve considered having a dance party of my own, though I suspect that would just create issues between us and Mr./Ms. Downstairs. I’ve even considered whining to my RA to fix it for me (although I’ve already whined at him about the fridge).

So what do you think? Passive aggressive? Passive? Aggressive? Anyone else have any glorious living arrangement stories to detail? Any explanations for how someone can love techno enough to listen to it constantly?


2 thoughts on “The Perpetual Techno Rave

  1. Hello! First, let me introduce myself: I'm the friend of Lesley's who was stalking all the Harlaxton pictures and probably waved at you through Skype the other day. 🙂

    This summer, I lived in my own apartment as part of an internship, and the Hulk's brother (who I lovingly named “Sir Stomps-A-Lot”) lived right above me. The loud stomping annoyed me, yes, but one night, I feared that things were much worse than I imagined.

    I was minding my own business watching Downton Abbey when I heard the door to the upstairs apartment open. There was a loud, drunken-sounding exclamation. There were staggered stomps. Then came the sound of power tools and the pounding. Then the grunting. Then more STOMP STOMP THUD.

    Then two weeks of silence.

    I'm still not entirely sure what happened…

  2. Hi! I think I sort of vaguely remember what you look like a little ha ha.

    That would definitely be very alarming. We had a similar occurance a few days ago. The techno rave had, I believe, turned into a drunken techno rave with pizza. Because it smelled of pizza (the least Hulk and Bear could do was share, right?) and then there was a loud resounding thud and momentary silence. But two weeks of silence is definitely scarier. I'm going with murder. Possibly a coma of some kind ha ha.

    Oh apartments.

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