Introducing Beezus (A Post Comprised Largely of Pictures)

Since I’ve spent the last couple of days detailing all of the little “quirks” (as Gina calls them) of our new home, I figured it was about time I express appropriate excitement about this glorious new place, where there is MORE THAN ONE ROOM in which we can live. Therefore, I bring you a quick little post with photos of some of the most adorable, home-like aspects of Beezus, our lovely little home. However run down it may be from the previous owner (one of whom I insist must have been the Hulk, owing to some peculiar damage that seems beyond mere human strength to create) it is OURS (for the duration of the year, anyway). And that makes all the difference.

Our living room (which also has a fabulous flat screen TV, although as of yet no cable). The adorable couch quilts (and TV, incidentally) compliments of Gina.
Built in bookshelf thing, books contributed by the lot of us (mine being the least artistically arranged ones on top, naturally).

Our (tiny but mostly functional) kitchen. Note the Yellow Wallpaper.    
Our (second, functional) fridge.

 I decided to keep our bedrooms a private affair, but be assured there are TWO of them and they are, while small, very much separate from the other areas–a thing very exciting to one accustomed to dorm life. While you probably aren’t NEARLY as excited about this place as I am, I figured you may as well have some notion of its appearance, considering our adventures here will become regular figureheads in future posts (especially if things keep breaking).


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