Awkward Experiences with Asking for Things

A quick update on things in Beezus (our apartment, named because it’s part of a complex known as The Ramonas and because we’re awesome). Yesterday, a friend stopped by to visit and pointed immediately out at our screened in porch, exclaiming “There’s a bird!” Yes, our tattered screens allowed the entrance of a (very adorable) little bird who could not for the life of him figure out how to get back OUT of our porch. A brief struggle allowed my roommate Emily and our visitor Shannon to help the bird to safety (mostly by flailing at it and holding open the broken screen invitingly).

After that fun experience we put in a work order on the screen and were later visited by some very official looking men, who seemed skeptical of our claims. We pointed out the broken things (a few missing light bulbs, the burner on the stove which we have learned does NOT turn on, and of course the screen) and were assured that it would be dealt with accordingly. I have never felt so silly in all my life, however, as I did when explaining to two very tall, very bald, and very formal men that a bird had been inside our porch. I later learned that my (loving) parents had contacted none other than the DEAN OF STUDENTS to let them know that things were not up to par. Embarrassing? Yes. Potentially helpful in speeding along the process of fixing our screen and front right burner? Yes.

On the list of other issues that we  discovered is that the drain was, apparently, VERY clogged. We purchased some Draino and followed the directions (which is the extent of my knoweldge on drains and the fixing of them). This did NOT fix the drain and it later spewed such an alarming mess that we were forced to, one again, call Residence Life and beg for quick assistance in fixing the problem. Relatively quickly, help has arrived, and a man is in the kitchen messing with the thing as we speak. I have my fingers crossed that his efforts will not be in vain.

Additionally, after a long battle with our cable box I have momentarily surrendered to the notion that the “Please Wait. Automatic Installation In Progress. We Hope To Provide Full Service Momentarily,” message on the screen is potentially the only TV I’ll be watching (aside from Netflix) for a while.

Despite all of these little (very fixable) issues I’m very excited to be in this lovely little apartment with three of the most wonderful women I know. I’m sure that there will be more good times had in this little space than it could ever have imagined (especially considering the abuse that it’s suffered in the past). Oh, and upstairs neighbors? I look forward to meeting you when I finally get tired of that weird techno music you seem to have on loop up there and the sound of you possibly walking around in concrete shoes. Until then, I’d best get back to reading Moby Dick…


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