So THAT’S How People Get Into Credit Card Debt (A Less In Impulsive Spending with Yours Truly)

Okay, internet people. It’s time for a little bit of a confession here. But like any good confession it requires a little bit of back story.

You see, I’ve always considered myself the type of girl who’s good with her money. Who doesn’t go to Victoria’s Secret and spend too much money on underwear, or gets caught up in the mall and spends the next two paychecks on shoes and clothes. Who saves her money for the important things in life, like paying off my college loans and buying textbooks and what not.

But then. I spent four months away from my favorite place to spend money–American Eagle. Maybe it’s silly, but the first time I walked through the doors of that place, all of my control just disappeared. I was looking at my favorite brand of jeans and all the new summer clothes were out and I hadn’t seen a single one of the things. My credit card practically jumped out of my wallet and into the cashier’s drawer for safekeeping while I racked up outfit after outfit to try them on and breathe a sigh of relief when finally, after four months of learning that my body simply refused the British conception of clothing, I could stand to look in the mirror at what I was wearing.

I finally understood, after looking sadly at my depleted bank account and my engorged credit card balance, how people can get themselves into financial trouble. I mean, certainly it’s not as bad for me as it could be–I can pay off the credit card in only a couple of weeks. But it was the first time I lost track of how much I was spending, and it was a little bit terrifying.

So here’s the thing. We all have our weaknesses, when it comes to finances and when it comes to everything else in life. My weakness, as it turns out, is American Eagle. But even though I’m mad at myself for spending more money than I intended, it doesn’t make me any less happy when I slip into my brand new, properly fitting clothes and get to smile at myself in the mirror again. There might be a lesson in there somewhere, but I’m just going to let you take from it what you will, instead of further explaining what I mean.


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