These. Are. FINALS. (And other such madness induced by stress)

So, it’s that special time of year again here at U of E: finals week. And my brain, which as you know likes to spazz out on occasion, is in full insanity mode. Now, I could tell you about finals week brain, or I could demonstrate with a terribly drawn chart that hashes out the sections of my brain on finals week. And since my blog is largely written expression, I’m going to take this opportunity to show you what happens when you give a creative writing major a piece of paper, too much studying, some sugar, and a little dose of sleep deprivation.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is my “artistic” interpretation of what a college student’s brain feels like during finals week:

 Because I am me, I will have to explain this picture a little bit. I woke up this morning, ripe from a day full of studying and a night full of stress dreams to realize the full effect on my subconcious. In that half-waking daze before you fully understand where you are, I thought my dream was real. And this is what I dreamed.

I was hanging out with the guys from Smosh (hilarious YouTube celebrities). For some reason, we felt it was a brilliant idea to go on the second floor of my house and throw snowballs (not sure where these came from as it wasn’t snowing) at my trampoline (which we no longer actually have).

This is perhaps a more normal dream than most of the ones I could divulge to you (let’s just say there was this inexplicable period of my life where no matter who I was with in my dreams, we always went out for a bucket of fried chicken. I don’t even like fried chicken. At least not THAT much) but nevertheless it shows the deterioration of my brain because of the simple fact that, upon waking, I still thought it was real. Yup. Totally normal for me and two youtube guys (who live in California) to throw snowballs at a trampoline. I mean, it wasn’t quite the bonding experience we had over that bucket of fried chicken, but this I actually believed for a full five minutes had ACTUALLY HAPPENED. That, my friends, is what happens under the crippling stress of finals week.

So if this is how your brain feels on finals week, I lend you my sympathy and understanding. And if not, you are a superhuman, and I envy and respect your great abilities to remain calm. I wish to become the grasshopper to your Yoda and learn the ways of not becoming a wound up ball of stress and random thoughts every time I have to sit around and study for my final exams.

Regardless of how you deal with your exams, I hope you enjoyed my interpretation, internet people. Expect more coherent thoughts soon! (also, if you can’t stand the idea of being without my semi-coherent and word-filled thoughts, see the previous post, which makes much more sense. I hope.)


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