The Week My Motivation Curled up and Died

Okay. So I’m a college student–I know what lack of motivation feels like. HOWEVER this past week it has officially dipped to an all time low. It’s nearly Thanksgiving break, I took on some extra hours at work in order to pad my pockets for England next semester, and my brain has just gone off on vacation.

Let me tell you what I mean.

The decline was slow and steady. At first, things were just a little bit more irritating. I wanted to smack customers more frequently, nearly stabbed a co-worker or two with the EAS pins, nothing too serious. But the lack of sleep and the constant time ringing people out continued.

Today, this happened. I woke up. Taking a shower involved standing. So I didn’t. I put on sweatpants, pinned my hair back, and went back to bed until it was time to go to class. After class I got on Facebook and groaned because someone had used the word “gunna” in a status. Spelled like that. I could not take the illiteracy! I seriously considered blocking the person, just for that.

It got worse.

I passed a girl wearing a head scarf. I felt instantly jealous I did not belong to a culture that wore headscarves, because then, I thought I would never have to worry that my hair looked stupid and my forehead was too big! I could wake up in the mornings, tie that shit on, and GO!

That is what it has come to. I envy the strangest things.

I have started waving my arms around involuntarily. Saying things without thinking–which I NEVER do. I need sleep like I need.. well, things that I need. Let’s face it, this blog post is a continuation of my overworked sleep deprived brain. It wants nothing but chocolate and sleep.


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