Comments on Internet Culture: Rebecca Black’s "Person of Interest"

Hey out there, internet people! It’s Wednesday, which means this week (which has been quite a busy week so far for me) is half over. And speaking of days of the week, today I’m talking about someone whom you doubtlessly associate (however reluctantly) with the day Friday–YouTube sensation/flop Rebecca Black.

Wait! Don’t run away into the recesses of the internet to hide from what I have to say! I am neither going to be completely cruel or say that she is, indeed, a pop star deserving of her (in)famous-ness.

What can I possibly have to say, then?

Well, oddly enough, it kind of fits in with this “Amanda rants about things related to love” theme I’ve had going recently. As you may have guessed, therefore, I don’t want to talk about Friday, because that’s old news and we all know it’s the song everyone loves to hate. Instead, I’m jumping the gun and talking about “Person of Interest”, the latest single that Rebecca Black has released.

If you haven’t seen it, well, here it is!

Okay, addressing the obvious first here: it’s pretty cheesy. The directing is shoddy, the lip synching doesn’t match up quite right, the dancing is a little stiff, and the lyrics are a tad bit redundant. I think that much is pretty clear. However, there is something I like enough about the song to warrant my posting about it. I like that the song is one of the more age appropriate ones I’ve ever heard from someone Rebecca’s age.

What do I mean by that? I like how the song talks about being interested in a person (even though it’s said in a kind of odd way) rather than being in (la, la, la la)love with someone you just met. Especially at the age of 14 (yes, I have learned to work the google on the internet machine!). It’s refreshing to see a preteen singing about something age appropriate, rather than singing about love at first sight and things like that. Yes, I know it’s what sells, but I get a little tired of hearing teeny-bop voices trying to tell me about love and how amazing kissing is and all of that. I know that “when you’re 15 and someone tells you they love you you’re going to believe them”… but at the same time, we all understand that when we’re 15 we don’t have a clue, right? Right? Sometimes I worry that the answer is no, given the tendency for young singers, like Disney stars, to sing about this so-called “love” that, let’s face it, they know nothing about.

So regardless of the apparent lack of writing skills the songwriter shows, I like what they’re trying at here (does Rebecca write her own lyrics? I am not sure. I am not sure I’d like to know). Age appropriateness in music videos is kind of nice–keeping all her clothes on, toting around a teddy bear, no kissing. This I like. It restores my faith in the world even as it destroys my faith in the music industry.

And on an end note, kudos to Rebecca for being brave enough to open herself up to round 2 of the ridicule, and best of luck to her. I sure couldn’t do it.


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