The Predictability of Crowds–Or, "Is That A Chocolate Santa?!"

All right, so I’ve got a little observation to make here about people in the world at large. The thing about people is, they’re kind of predictable. Especially in a retail situation.

So at work, we have this giant chocolate Santa chilling between two even more giant teddy bears on the back counter. They are back there, as far as I can tell, to protect them from the masses, which would undoubtedly crush the Santa and drool, climb, etc on the teddy bears. That, or they are there so that I can happily have the same conversation with every. single. customer.
Because invariably, this happens:
Me: Hello there. How are you today?
Customer: Good. (If they are a NICE customer they will say, “And you?”)
Me: -proceeds to do my job and ring things up-
Customer: Is that Santa made of chocolate?
Me: Yes, it is.
Customer: How much is it?
Me: 70 dollars.
Customer: Wow, that much for chocolate? Is it hollow?
Me: Yes. (and later, when I got tired of being asked and had done the mathematical conversion between ounces and pounds, I would add: It weighs 7 pounds)
Customer: What would you use that for?
Me: I have no idea -smile-
This isn’t that bad, really. It’s a lot better than me awkwardly wishing I was better at navigating social situations so that I could be a friendlier cashier, for instance. But after a seven hour shift I got a little bit tired of repeating this over and over and over. And over. Sometimes, you’d get the teddy bear variation, which was essentially the same thing, only more about the overall size and less about the eat-ability of said object (which is a comfort, because I’d be a little concerned by that). But still, by the end of the day, all I really wanted to do was punch the heck out of that chocolate Santa and kidnap the teddy bears so I could stop hearing about them.
The point of this? Mostly to blow off steam about an insignificant detail of my life as a retail associate. But also to explore the fact that people are often rather predictable in what will pique their interest. In the same way that the children always beg their parents for the candy we have lined up next to the register, people invariably comment on the chocolate Santa behind the counter. I’m not sure what this says about humanity… but it’s an interesting thing to observe nonetheless.

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