The Unfortunate Reality of the Procrastinating College Student

Fact: College students are pros at procrastination.

I think I speak for about 95% of college students when I say this. We procrastinate. We procrastinate everything. A lot.

Now, does this mean college students are masters at procrastinating and not letting it affect their grades? Not necessarily.

It all depends on the type of procrastinator you are and the type of student that you are. Some of us procrastinate until the night before and then throw some crap together and pray a lot. Some of us procrastinate until the exact moment that we know we can’t procrastinate anymore and then buckle down and make miracles. As for me, I procrastinate because I’ve always been a quick reader and an even quicker writer–words fly into my brain super fast and words fly out of my fingers like magic. So. I can procrastinate. And it usually turns out okay on my transcript.


You can’t procrastinate studying for a test, though. There are no miracles that can save you if you don’t know the material and someone hands you a hideous exam full of questions that expect you to answer them. Correctly. That’s something I’ve learned this year. I have this one class that I just keep forgetting exists until the night before the test. This. CANNOT. be. done. You MUST study.

Now, I’m not gonna preach to you because as I just said, I do it too. The more of the story here is this: You know you are procrastinating something right now. You know it is sitting there in the back of your mind making you CRAZY. You know your life would be better if you just did it and got the stress out of your mind, and then your watching hours and hours of Netflix would be less of a guilty thing.

So why do we procrastinate? I’d like an answer to the question, and I wish I could answer it for you, but I can only say that I personally procrastinate because, most of the time, I can. Or think I can. And because there are so many things I’d rather do than buckle down and make myself do school work. Which is weird, isn’t it? Since I’m in college? It’s just something to ponder I guess, and hey, if you have the answer, please, do tell me!


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