Coming Back For Round 2

When you are a freshmen, everything is new and shiny. New dorm, new school, new people. Super shiny. And super scary. And super exciting. And all of those other emotions that you feel when you encounter something new and potentially life changing.

When you are a freshmen, your school is determined to keep you busy and happy for the first few days after you’ve moved in. This is to prevent you from running away, taking the imaginary bags of money you carry around with you. This is not to say your school–or mine, which I love–is evil. It’s just to say that things aren’t always going to be that way.

This year, I’m back for round two. It’s a very different feeling. We moved in without the help of thousands of upperclassmen. We had to ascend the three flights of stairs on our own, boxes and televisions in hand. And then we were not given an agenda of how to entertain ourselves until classes started.

In some ways, it’s a lot better. You’re experienced. You understand things like how to pick the shower that works or how to unlock your door (most of the time). It took me only two tries to obtain access to my mailbox ,for instance.

And then in some ways it’s a lot like floating aimlessly. You know some of these people. Others are new and you’re not sure if they are freshmen or if asking that would offend them.

It’s routine, it’s expected… and it’s still just as nerve-wracking, waiting for classes to start. The only difference is, there’s a lot less other stuff to distract you.


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