Why I Hate Political Bumper Stickers

As they say, there are two things you don’t want to talk about if you’re trying to have a polite conversation; religion and politics. The reason for this is, of course, that people’s passions get very heated on these two topics. No matter which side you stand on, you’re probably pretty adamant in your defense of that position and lifestyle. And that’s great. But there’s one thing about these heatedly polar issues that really, really bugs me.

Political/Religious Bumper Stickers.

I get it. Freedom of speech. I do. I get that you can say whatever you want and stick whatever you want on the bumper of your car. But as I drive by that “A baby not a choice” sticker or that “Non-Christians Burn in Hell” smiley face (I invented that, I hope, but you get the idea), I have no opportunity to offer my rebuttal. I suppose I could drive around with various opinionated bumper stickers on my car, too. But then we run into the same issue; at some point there’s going to be someone without the bumper sticker to argue their side.

I like a chance to debate. A chance to show my side of the story. And driving to work being assaulted by other people’s opinions all day gets a little bit frustrating. Most political bumper stickers are like most politically minded Americans. Don’t take offense to it if you’re political, but most people are tragically bipolar when it comes to politics–there’s left wing, right wing, democrat, republican. No gray area. Just two sides, which most people see as “the right one and the wrong one.”

I’m sitting in that invisible gray area on a lot of issues. Bumper stickers from BOTH sides offend me, because they are so blatantly ignoring the shades of gray that rest in almost any big issue. The same thing goes for religion. I’m the first to admit to a heavy dose of agnosticism (something you should look up the definition to if you just thought “atheist”). I like to consider the options, think about things in a case-by-case scenario. And that little offensive bumper sticker seriously interrupts my drive-to-work musings.

I’m not saying go rip your opinions off your bumper. I’m not even saying I’m going to do it for you. I’m just reminding you that not everyone wants to hear your opinion without getting a chance to share theirs.


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