I’m Nearly 20…

I don’t know about the other nearly-20s out there, but to me, being nineteen is a little bit scary. I’m still in school, so I still feel like a kid, but now I have a job, and I live four hours away from my parents.

A staggering realization hits: I am not a kid. High school, with all its glorified activities that turned out to be mediocre, is in the past. I’ve been driving for three years. I’ve been at my job longer than some 40 year-old new hires. I am on the track to my career. And where did all the time go?

People always talk about the “mid-life crisis”. What about the “nearly-quarter-life crisis?”

Sure. Many of us couldn’t wait to be “grown up”. We couldn’t wait to be independent and have our own lives. Maybe others still feel that way, but for me it’s a little bit weird. In a few years I’ll be living on my own. I have my own bills and my own bank account.

But I’m not an adult. At least, I don’t always feel like one. I still shop in the Juniors department. Doesn’t that mean I’m not an adult? I still want to stay up late and waste time… but all of a sudden, RESPONSIBILITIES.

Growing up doesn’t mean your life is over. And 19 definitely isn’t old. There’s just something a little scary and a little nostalgic about leaving high school behind, leaving childhood finally divided by so many years. The good thing is, new opportunities can replace the old ones.

I don’t believe college/your 20s necessarily has to be the “best time of your life” but it’s certainly time to figure out who you want to be and what you want. And sometimes, just somtimes, you decide to give your wardrobe a makeover–that’s how I decided to transition myself into adulthood.


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