Txt Tlk & The Decline in Grammatical and Literary Capability

Okay, I confess–as a creative writing major I can be a bit of a “grammar nazi” at times. Or all the time. And there is nothing in this world that drives grammar nazis crazy quite like “txt tlk”. I mean, I’m beginning to wonder if future generations will even LEARN grammar and spelling–at some point, teachers might surrender. Blackboards might look like this: Ch. 8: y us h8d r (I confess my fake txt tlk sucks. Because it pains me. I apologize. It’s supposed to be about the Cold War).

I log into Facebook and it doesn’t take too much effort to scroll down to some hideous monstrosity that means to be communication. For example, something so simple as the fact that “girls pictures” should be “girl’s pictures” to something so complex as barely coherent “sentences” that I can’t even bring myself to type out. Usually in all lower case letters without punctuation. Full of double negatives and weird abbreviations. Just words floating is cyber space, meaning nothing.

Sometimes I really just want to be a Facebook editor and scroll through people’s statuses and comments posting little asterisks with corrections. But the job would never be done and I would probably die from the stress. Hence, the severity of the issue.

I mean, aside from the crimes against the English language and those of us who respect its written form, it’s kiling people’s attention spans. I read once on a page that I, yes, discovered while Stumbling instead of Studying (see the previous post) that you have to break up your paragraphs in your blog.













If they see a wall of text, they won’t read it. One word sentences short enough for you? Probably not. I mean, they’re whole words. They use the proper forms of said words. It may be too much to compute. The brains of 2/3 of the internet population probably spontaneously combusted just at the title of this post. The remaining 1/3 was intimidated by my baby paragraphs and the use of capital letters and full words.

I’ll step off my grammer/spelling/general laziness soap box now. But remember… your mental capacity and your propensity for the written language necessary to make yourself desirable to the higher learning institutions is being slowly murdered by your keyboard shortcuts.


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